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A Fresh Look At Hypothyroidism Treatment

It is impossible to prescribe a hypothyroidism treatment purely on the basis of an analysis of the symptoms that an individual patient may be suffering from, simply because the production and use of the thyroid hormone T3 (tri-idothyronine) by the body is a multi-stage process and is not therefore governed by a singular gland or organ.
The symptoms themselves are therefore only an indication that the system itself has failed and not necessarily that the thyroid gland is not functioning or is functioning poorly; although, in many cases the over all health of the patient  is causing many of the bodies systems to fail.
For this reason, the only way to comprehensively determine that a patient needs some kind of hypothyroidism treatment or even what that hypothyroidism treatment might ultimately be is by means of a thorough blood test that examines every stage of the process; from the secretion of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) by the pituitary gland  to the levels of reverse T3 in the blood. This will identify where the process has failed and therefore, how the thyroid gland is really functioning.

Once you have the results of your blood test and identified the problem then you can begin to regain control of your life. In our video we have highlighted 10 areas that can affect the normal thyroid hormone production process and the natural remedies to reverse these problems. We have also provided a list of products below that can assist… Continue reading