Is there a Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment?

Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment If you're looking for a hypothyroidism natural treatment or you are currently on medication for your hypothyroid condition then there is an important controversy regarding hypothyroidism medication that you will want to be aware of; particularly if you have ever felt unwell after your treatment.
The controversy centers on the hypothyroidism treatment most often prescribed versus other more natural hypothyroidism treatment options.

The Common Approach to Hypothyroidism

Many people believe that once you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) you must undergo thyroid treatment for the rest of your life. Most doctors will prescribe a synthetic form of the T4 hormone; the hormone that is usually excreted by the thyroid gland, rather than offer a natural hypothyroidism treatment. Doctors usually prescribe this T4 because it is known to readily convert to the T3 hormone (which is what the body actually needs) within the blood system and this conversion process is then regulated by the body's own tissue. Therefore, as far as the physician is concerned, this is the most stable form of medication.
Today's generation of physicians are often trained in medical school that the only hypothyroidism treatment available is levothyroxine. However, over the last few years studies have shown that synthetic forms of hypothyroidism treatment such as levothyroxine can cause numerous side effects, as it by-passes the body's normal process of functioning.

In spite of the predominance of levothyroxine treatment, there has been a growing shift, over the last ten years, to natural thyroid drugs. Some of the reasons doctors are turning to a natural hypothyroidism treatment are as follows:

  • Even though their patients are on levothyroxine drugs, they are still suffering obvious thyroid symptoms such as loss of eyebrow hair; swelling; slow reflexes etc.
  • Patients who were on natural thyroid in the past reported greater energy and improved quality of life that they don't have now on the synthetic hypothyroid treatment.
  • There is a shift towards natural or bio-identical hormones, rather than synthetic hormones.
  • Doctors have found, in their practice that their patients tend to respond better to the natural hypothyroidism treatment when compared to more common synthetic treatments.

Unfortunately, there are still many doctors who aren't willing to explore hypothyroidism treatment options with their patients. Consequently, they still offer levothyroxine as the only hypothyroid remedy and ignore the more effective natural hypothyroidism treatment.

The Hypothyroidism Controversy

Conventional doctors believe that levothyroxine is the best and only option for hypothyroidism treatment.

Open-minded doctors, however, believe that levothyroxine is just one option for treatment. These practitioners believe that some older and less expensive drugs are equally, if not more effective than newer more expensive drugs. These practitioners are guided not by what is conventional but rather by what is most effective in safely restoring good health to their patients.

Ultimately, a one size fits all approach doesn't work in thyroid treatment.

Obviously, the best hypothyroidism treatment is the one that works best and safely for each patient but figuring out which drug that is and what dosage is best for you, can often be a long and arduous process, working together with your practitioner in a trial and error process to discover the best drug and the right dosage. Furthermore, this can be constantly changing, since other factors are also involved, like diet etc.

What does this mean?

Well, for the average person the results are often like this:

  • a constant battle to keep your hypothyroidism treatment in check,
  • continually undergoing blood testing to ensure that your hormone levels are correct
  • regularly having to correct the dosage of your hypothyroidism treatment to ensure that everything is balanced

What if there was a better way – a more effective way?

What if there was a natural hypothyroidism treatment available for you today?

Well I believe there is!

Check out my other pages to see for yourself the natural thyroid treatment that is available to you without the worry and concern of unwanted side effects.